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Hagenbuch Family Picnic 1937 0

Analysis of 1938 Hagenbuch Reunion Attendance

As written previously in other articles, I believe myself fortunate that I grew up in an extended family which included great aunts, great uncles, my grandparents, first and second cousins of my father, and...

Easter Card Detail 1

Easter Post Cards from the Past

The sending of Easter post cards became popular in the early 1900s, the main publishers being from Germany. Among some of the family pieces I possess are six Easter post cards from 1908 and...

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Franklin Walter Hagenbuch Family, Montour Co., PA

Several articles have been written about Hiram Hagenbuch and his wife Mary Ann “Lindner” Hagenbuch. Hiram, born 1847, was the son of William Hagenbuch born 1807. Hiram was the great great grandson of Andreas...